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Morning - Sugawara x Reader {One-shot}

You were grateful it was the weekend, even in your sleep.
Even through the haze of your half-awake-half-asleep state, it made you you smile softly and curl closer to the delicious heat blanketing you, your grip tightening around a comfortable brush of skin you were vaguely aware of being Suga.
Your smile grew at the featherlight caress of fingertips on your cheek, your eyes opening to meet Suga’s peaceful features. He watched you through a half-lidded gaze, which only grew warmer with a sweet grin at your awakening. He scooted closer in the sheets and wrapped an arm around your waist, his embrace eliciting a burst of heat throughout your body, like warmed honey slipping over your entire being.
Suga buried his nose in your chest, nuzzling you with that delighted blush of his while you slipped your arms around his shoulders, hands playing at the hair at the nape of his neck. 
You laughed lightly at his antics, and he pulled back a b
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 374 51
Morning - Kageyama x Reader {Drabble}
~The Big Spoon~
Your lips pulled up in a smile as a pair of blue eyes, as dark as the night sky, fluttered open in a slow daze. His irises still beheld their tired, slumberous glaze before they came to a delayed focus on your face that lay only inches from his.
“Mornin’, Tobio,” you sang gently, dousing your slender fingers in the thick, splayed tresses of his pitch black hair. A splash of poorly hidden embarrassment and sheepishness crawled over his features before he mumbled between reluctant lips,
His arms coiled around you in their almost-awkward wake, intense gaze still trained attentively on your face as he pulled you closer and tucked your head under his chin. You always jumped on the chance of using Tobio’s rare initiative affection, but you couldn't tell if it was just that or he wanted your prying eyes off his face.
You both sighed and relaxed into each other’s forms as the muted twittering of birds and swaying of tr
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 385 26
Perfect - Sugawara x Reader {Drabble}
Why do people say "I don't know," preceding a statement concluding their desire, only to contradict themselves in the process? 
Maybe it's a sheepish cry in the quiet rendition of words, a mortified quirk to cover up the embarrassment of what they were going to say next. 
"Why would you think that?"
His honey brown eyes searched yours imploringly, and you couldn't help but avert your gaze at his intensity. 
"I don't know, how could I not? I can't help it, y'know. I overthink everything. So why is it a surprise that I would react like that?" 
Suga sighed and scooted closer to you, looking at you with sympathetic, loving eyes as he brushed away your hair. 
"You're perfect just the way you are. Nothing needs to change. I can see that, in you, every day that we spend together, you are bright and beautiful and kind." 
You were beet red by this point, but he didn't stop. 
"You extend a hand to all that need it. You're selfless, putting everyone and e
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 82 8
Mixed Signals - Oikawa x Reader {One-shot}
The sun dragged languidly along the skyline, perching itself against the jagged outline of mountains as it turned to a burning blood-orange. You watched it with an anxious urgency, foot colliding repeatedly on the same spot of concrete, your nerves on edge.
The scraping of soles on asphalt directed your eyes to the relaxed silhouette of your best friend, and your face scrawled in an angered scowl at his carelessness.
“You know when my curfew is,” you spat as he approached, seething at his easy grin and ‘okay’ hand sign. Oikawa laughed and patted your shoulder, walking straight past you.
“It’s all good! We’ll get there, and besides; your parents love me.”
Pausing in demeaning reflection, you heaved a defeated sigh before dragging your feet behind the volleyball player, casting him a weary glare. You noticed him slow his strides for you to aline with him, hands shoved into his pockets, lips relaxed into a slight smile, and you hoped it was
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 215 24
Dream - Sugawara x Reader {One-shot}
You nursed a cup of hot cocoa, wide eyes tracing the drizzle on your window panes. They slicked down the length and pooled at the sill, begging to come in but finding no leeway. You smiled at their desperate course, following the path of a single droplet with your finger.
You loved this weather. 
A heavy, warm sweater hung from your body; your hair was up; no make up, no worries. The mug in your hands heated you to your contented core. There was nothing more relaxing than being confined to watch movies and drink hot drinks for the rest of the night, the cadence of rain pouring over the house sending you to slumber, if it lasted that long. 
Fuzzy figures passed behind and beyond your fingertip; children coming home from school, dressed in plastic raincoats, wayward bikers, teenagers dancing and laughing, chasing each other into the puddles. A smile tugged at your lips as a tall silhouette flinched from their impulsi
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 143 13
Morning - Akaashi x Reader {One-shot}
There was nothing more reassuring than Akaashi's scent. 
It may be a peculiar thing, but it lingered like his strong, silent presence. He always smelled like soap and something else that was just distinctly him, something gentle and warm. 
So, when you woke early in the morning, you didn't need to turn and and gaze into his peacefully slumbering face to know that he was there. 
Akaashi had taken a shower before coming to bed last night, and the remnants hung over his skin in an emission pleasant to the olfactory senses. You blinked at the particular scent of him, feeling the bed creak as you stretched and reveled in his radiating presence. 
Akaashi shifted and sighed, burying his face between your shoulder blades. You smiled and brushed the skin of his forearm where it draped over your side, turning your head to kiss your husband's nose. 
The dark haired man slowly opened his eyes, unable to construct his impassive mien quickly enough to hide the bliss in his f
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 394 24
Kiss Kiss - Akaashi x Reader {One-shot}
(Name) sniffed quietly, picking at her bed sheets. She tried desperately to seem nonchalant, unconcerned, but she could feel a sulk lingering over every crevice of her body. Lips thinning, she shot another sidelong glance at Akaashi, startling when he caught her staring in the procedure of pulling his pants up.
He was leaving, and she was frustrated. Maybe it was her illness or just because he woke her up at the buttcrack of dawn; (Name) had constructed a childish mien ever since Akaashi declared he was running to the pharmacy for some more medicine.
(Name), with a heavy blush adorning her visage, turned away and laid on her side, huffing and closing her eyes, willing away the pounding in her skull. The deafening silence in between Akaashi’s subtle movements only contributed to her ungodly headache and she almost groaned when he sat on the bed, the shift sending a strike of pain through her temples.
“I won’t be gone too long,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to he
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 286 23
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United States
I sort of feel like scrapping my whole previous existence here on dA and just starting over... orz
I've been gone for so long, haven't really drawn too much of anything in forever, and everyone I used to chat with here has probably forgotten about me... ;u;

On top of that I've had a lot of work to do in school lately and time just slips away when I come home from school, so I'm feeling a little stressed as well TT TT



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